Monday, May 27, 2013

Parisian Sartorialism

Parisian Men 1

There is something about Parisian sartorial elegance that has more than a grain of truth in it. If there’s a word that sums it up, it’s the understatement of it.

If you believe otherwise, Parisian style is generally more refined than your average New Yorker or Londoner – they would never consciously leave the house in a creased shirt. That is why, in Paris, cheap would never be in.

Parisian Men 2
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When you try to look at the ornate structures that surround the city it may seem that the people have been trying to mirror the stylish architecture of it all, in the way they dress and behave. The Parisian look has become more than a fashion statement but also a lifestyle, an image set off by small key tweaks that are subtle and understated.

Tailoring appeals hugely to the Parisian ensemble. Sharp and slim fitting jackets matched with tailored jeans or chinos tend to be the key for the style. Accessorizing yourself in a subtle and understated way is something that Parisians do well. Adding oversized chunky scarf in masculine colors or an elegant leather bag to your outfit can do well for a Parisian ensemble. Although, the subtle things can provide the final touches to your overall look, why not consider a crisp, slim fitting white shirt, solid black frame glasses or a vintage pair of brown brogues which can bring that touch of classic European style to your wardrobe.


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